Life Predictions for 2023

Supersize lies

Little white lies, those inconsequential fabrications that keep polite society functioning, are now generally accepted.

Pet rats

The city's rat problem became Mayor Eric Adams' pet subject during his first year in office, and he has seemingly done everything in his power to address it.

The End of Shoelaces

They've enjoyed a good run. However, the numerous fashionable slip-ons of 2022 indicate that 2023 might be the final year for shoelaces.

Butter crocks

Butter boards, which are simply butter that has been dressed up, softened, and smeared over a chopping board, became a TikTok craze last year.

Crafty skills

As inflation erodes our purchasing power, quick fashion becomes increasingly uninspired and unethical.

Fake fashion items

A new era of fashion fakes was ushered in thanks to TikTok.

Conversing With Strangers

Any conversation, no matter how innocent, that starts up next to you on the subway or in a restaurant is noticeably strange.

A Campaign to Ban Coffee

Last year, mocktails that were outrageously priced and alcohol-free rosé both made an appearance on bar menus.