Men's Fashion Trends 2023

Zip-Up Hoodies

Consider the reign of the pullover to be over. Baby, zip-ups are back, and they're ready to transform your bodega run outfits.

Freaky Fleece Hats

A bizarre beanie made from a Frankensteinian mixture of plush, pillow-soft fleece that gives it its inherent weirdness.

Tanks + Trousers

Put it in your pants and dress it up with a bright gold chain and a sparkly belt.

Capital-D Dress Pants

The pants you'll be wearing the most this year are much dressier than any other pair you have.

Boxy Bombers

Extra points If it appears to have been purchased from a rack at your preferred vintage shop, the more patinated the better.

De-fussed Button-Ups

Do you recall how your grandfather used to wiggle out of his starched dress shirts as soon as he arrived home from work? They are not these.

Dainty Footwear

After years of walking down the runway in footwear that could turn into Optimus Prime.

Boss-Level Blazers

Men's tailoring has been characterized by a soft, languid, and unstructured aesthetic for a while.

Tucked-In Everything

Tucking your t-shirts (and shirts, and sweaters) in isn't poindexter-y in 2023; it's the easiest way to make anything you're wearing look a bit more artistic...and show off that rad new belt.